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Starksboro Village Meeting House
Starksboro, Vermont
Founded 1840


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Development Notes

April 9, 2005

Setup domain name of

Setup e-mail addresses of

these e-mail addresses forward email to existing email accounts only. they can forward to multiple e-mails as well.  whoever wants to see e-mail from any of these e-mail (categories) let me know what e-mail address you would like to have them  forwarded to.  presently they are being forwarded to my address (so we don't miss the onslaught of activity these will generate)

setup homepage feedback form to go to web design address
setup homepage memories form to go to memories address
setup events address for email from Raffle Page

Started descriptions on top level pages (About Us, Events, Fundraising)
setup pages for Ham Supper, Sugar on Snow, Coffee Houses, Candlelight Service under Events; Area towns (Bristol, Huntington, Hinesburg, Monkton) Addison County, and State of Vermont for links.

April 17, 2005

Added photo page for Meeting House Photos
Misc mods to home page

April 30, 2005 Modified history page, added sub pages for Meeting House Description, Baptist Church, Town Hall, Library, 1957-1974 Revitalization.  Added images of  Bertha's Book 1988 Chapter on the Meeting House.
May 6, 2003 Added images of National Register of Historic Places Application, added pages for Howden Blinds and Troy Bell.  Misc. Formatting changes.
May 15, 2005 Separated About Us (the Board) into pages for introduction, completed restoration, restoration to be done, and set up pages for benefactors and hall of fame recognition.
May 15 - June 21 Added Starksboro Memorabilia pages, images of Coop Creamery Stock certificate, Baldwin's pond, business letterhead, letter home form JV Carpenter.  developed key words for search engines
June 22 Set hosting account for, deleted re-directing to squarebirds
June 26 Updated News and Events (removed item - The Sugar on Snow Party was held March 26th serving over 100 people. Thanks to all who attended and supported this fun Spring Event.)
Added pages for the 2005 History Expo.  Updated photo album with Bertha Hanson slide images.
July 5 Added sub-web for Preschool and setup homepage and links for brochure.
July 31 Added Sugar on Snow Party 2005 page, changed format of Events, Ham Supper, Raffle, Candle Light Service and Sugar on Snow Pages, changed Memories and Feedback forms to FrontPage extensions.
August 12 Added Site Map (Table of Contents) and linked on bottom bar.  Cleaned up some table fixed vertical settings.
August 14 Set up Gothic Stained Glass Window Page with sub-pages for each window.  Added obituary of David Ferguson
August 21 Added Ham Supper Directions page
August 27 Split up memorabilia page into photos, letters, statistics.  Added Town Statistics from Directories for 1861, 1864, 1875, 1876, 1877, and 1890
August 28 Set up Samuel and Cynthia Holcomb profile
August 29 Set up Sydney and Julia Bushnell profile
September 5 added images of t-shirt had to pay the model $5.
September 2006 converted pages to .asp, reviewed and reformated all pages for revised table look, subroutine for headers, footers, and sidebars. frontpage extenstions were previously removed for historical society database. feedback and memories forms were also previously removed due to removing front page extensions


To Do:

"Home" Page
  • create feedback page for memories submittals (when we get some)
"History" Page
"About Us" Page - description of the Board and current and past board efforts
  • Do we still have the handout for renovation activity and needs?
    This was at one time on the wood box in the entry.
"Events" Page
"Ham Supper Raffle" Page - description and details on raffle
"Fundraising" Page - Stuff to sell
"Community" Page  - description of Starksboro
Pre-school - Meeting House use of the building to support the community


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Village of Starksboro, Vermont Streetscape

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